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FTL Cross-border Shipping

Because cross-border FTL transportation is a large portion of our business, we have fine-tuned our operations to deliver industry-leading transit times and convenient, easy-to-understand pricing structures.

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Shipping FTL Freight to Canada

Customers throughout the USA have come to trust Peace Transportation for their FTL freight to Canada. The majority of trade between the USA and Canada is to points along the 401 corridor between..

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Guaranteed FTL

Peace Transportation is pleased to announce the expansion of our FTL service –. This service provides guaranteed on time delivery Toronto to USA.

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Dedicated LTL: Toronto to USA

We provide scheduled FTL, on time deliveries to USA.

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Featured Cross Border Lanes

Peace Transport is pleased to offer an enhanced FTL service between the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and select US cities. Through a combination of our assets and carriers..

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All Things Transportation

In a perfect world, you would call one number, ensuring all of your transportation and distribution requirements are handled with the highest service level and at the best price – no problems, no worries..

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