3 Must-Have For The Roadside Inspection While On The Freight

Starting a career as a trucker might need to be aware of many things; being on road is not a pleasant experience always… Peace Transportation focuses on safety & security and must-have for the roadside inspection while on the freight as the utmost priority rather than anything else important. For making the secure road experience for the truckers.

The company ensures that the truck drivers must take all the necessary tools & documents required for a roadside inspection. Every truck driver has to undergo roadside inspection at some point in their trucking career. If someone still managed to escape from such a situation that must be pure luck.

Preparing yourself for the roadside inspection is the first step for passing the situation & we will help you to be preparing for the problem by just preparing the toolkit in 3 categories. Let’s begin:

Driving Documents

Before starting any fleet operation, the driver must ensure to organize their roadside inspection toolkit with general driving documents. The drivers must have a commercial driver’s license which is essential during an inspection & ensure the following documents must not misplace:

Medical Certificate
Drivers Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)
Drivers Record of Duty Status (RODS) from the ELD & supporting documents

Vehicle-Related Documents

Therefore, the vehicle is your co-partner in the trucking world… The trucks can be roadside inspected for their performance, safety & other legal aspects. The inspection team can ask for:

Load Shipping Papers
Annual Vehicle Inspection Report
Truck Leasing Papers
Vehicle Maintenance Reports
Carrier Vehicle List
Hazardous Materials Paperwork

Carrier-Related Documents

7 Days of Blank RODS Logs
Proof of Insurance (Minimum $750,000)
Accident Register of Previous Year
Alcohol & Drug Program Information (random, pre-employment, etc)

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Truck drivers are the ones who spend 240 nights away from their homes. That is the most challenging occupation one can select for himself… For this reason & plenty of others, we keep road safety as the foremost priority for them…
Peace Transportation acknowledges their efforts & sacrifices in terms of their family lives & ensures no loophole in their road safety…We emphasize completing all the documents related to the driver’s medical, vehicle & others that a necessary during fleet.

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