A Brief Introduction To Lumper Service

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Most people are unaware of lumper service; it might seem an odd-sounding term but this can be a misconception as judging things by name might end up in regret. This blog is dedicated to those folks who might have an interest in knowing about the lumper service. There will be a brief introduction to lumper services, why it exists & how it works. Customers & Trucking companies might need lumper services more often. Here is a Brief Introduction to Lumper Service.

Brief Introduction To Lumper Service

Lumper service is basically hiring third-party workers other than a shipper or receivers to help load and unload consignment from the trucks or trailers that are experts in handling any kind of goods. With a number of reasons for this service; a major intention is to ease drivers & let them recuperate & rest while others do the task. Food logistics & warehouses are most commonly opting for Lumper service. It is basically to facilitate drivers who are already on the road for long hours. Lumper services have available when a company wants to avoid additional strain on drivers or the product handling is necessary for a particular type of goods. The service would benefit in three respects:

  • Allows drivers to rest more.
  • Avoids risk of injury with unfamiliar dockyards.
  • Save time with quicker loading & unloading.

How Does Lumper Service Work?

Lumper services are usually provided by third-party companies that have trained individuals to understand the nature of logistic goods. These companies are specialized in the handling of fragile to block freight items. A lumper service is separately hired to quickly clear the dockyards of movers & receivers. Commonly, grocery freights have complaints about the product handling with the trucking service company as it has no damage during transit. So, here we find the potential customers of the lumper services. They simply put the third party on work on a regular basis with dockyards handling. This particular service will charge either the receiver or the transporters.

What It Will Cost?

Lumper services can cost you from low to high depending upon the services you need. It will specifically depend on labor hours & amount of workers needed to complete the service. The payment will be charged at the time of service; you don’t have to pay in advance. Drivers have to know the exact timings when the lumper services will be available for loading & unloading trailers. Sometimes company gives charges the drivers to pay for lumper service on the spot rather to pay it on the site. When it is giving you comfort, money doesn’t matter.

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Need to secure your logistics during transit??? Lumper service will align your goods with technical & proper adjustments within the carrier… We at peace transportation can arrange a lumper service for you at additional charges; so that you feel more comfortable booking with us. ☺

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