Challenges For Trucking Transportation

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The year 2020 has passed giving a number of new challenges for trucking transportation & targets to the world of which one is the transportation industry. The industry showed serious variation in the business curve during the pandemic.

As the year starts the transportation businesses must know all those aspects that can push them into dead-end conditions. Transportation businesses should be taking it seriously to avoid the most critical time. Here is the list:

Truck Driver’s Shortage:

The trucking transportation business is a giant network, especially in Canada, there is always a need for truck drivers to fulfill the loops. Besides, the increment in the salary of the truck drivers there is still the demand to fill in the shortage. According to resources, about 63,000 positions for truck drivers are vacant.

The shortage is even getting worse as the younger generation is not much into truck driving; also the older drivers get retired without replacement with the younger ones. The pandemic has made things even worse as older drivers are avoiding it due to the fear of viruses and also because of government restrictions.

Variable Rules & Regulations:

The rules & regulations about trucking transportation are ever-changing & every coming year brings revision in-laws. Therefore, the different states enforce new laws that have to be obeyed by every transportation carrier from variable destinations. Let’s look into the recent alterations in trucking transportation:

Electronic Logging Issues:

Electronic devices are employed to create a safer work environment that enables the drivers to work effectively & accurately in terms of management, tracking & record-sharing data.

Service Hour:

The shift of the drivers is purposely proposed to be lengthy with the break time involving weather conditions & routine.

Drug Restrictions:

Every state has different rules for drug testing but they are almost mandatory in every state for the fear of road accidents.

Safety Concerns:

The trucking issues started back in 2005 when globalization started; every business needed the goods to be transported all over the regions. The more or less basic issue is the safety concerns for any trucking company:

Natural Calamity:

From weather to natural disasters all risk human lives, so safety is always a major concern.


The lack of sleep, restlessness & excessive workload also makes road life risky.


Gadgets & sign boards can cause distractions which is a huge hazard to human life.


The cost is not the last but the most considerable issue in trucking transportation; it has a lot of challenges to handle which include:

Driver’s wages


The end of the most challenging 2020 has brought new aspects of concerns to the transportation businesses; want to escape from ending in unpredictable situations? Hence, Peace Transportation recommends looking for the challenges for trucking transportation into safety & health concerns, driver shortage, and fuel & maintenance costs. Last but not least natural calamity handling that ruins the economies…

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