Dry Van Trucks – A Brief Description

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When you hear someone saying “Dry Vans” in the transportation territory; it can make you a bit confused that what “dry” means or what is the purpose of “vans” here as human transportation isn’t possible. That seems funny but visitors usually confuse about dry vans. Thus, this blog about Dry Van Trucks is dedicated to all those who found confusion about dry vans. Technically, all trucks are dry unless water will be introduced to them; as there is no concept of wet vans in transportation.

The blog has vital information about dry vans. Why they are preferred over other trucking services and their benefits. And also, Let us cover all the crucial aspects that can answer your more creative questions☺!!!

Simply start with a definition; Dry vans are walled, non-temperature controlled vehicle that is employed to carry non-perishable freight. Unless most of the dry vans have a door at the back of the trailer & are 53 feet in length.
Now a brief difference in either; Dry vans/ Flatbed/Refrigerated trucks…..

And for a more precise understanding of the dry van, trucks w.r.t other freight carriers. Here three main features should be considered:

  • Temperature control
  • Weather protection
  • Theft protection

The basic freight carrier is a Flatbed truck. And it does not equippe with either of the specialized features. Unlike Flatbed, Dry Vans are fortified with weather as well as theft protection features. While Refrigerated trucks have temperature-controlled equipment used to transport temperature-sensitive materials like frozen food, milk supplies, or dairy.

Besides all this, there are a lot of benefits to using dry vans for shipping goods. Here is a list of advantages that are non-replaceable:


The most affordable freight carrier is Dry vans; it will handle your goods with care. Peace transportation offers a dry van trucking service that is highly economical.


From furniture to electronics, oats to flour, non-perishable items, or construction materials. Everything can transport in dry van trucks. Hence, Things shouldn’t be temperature sensitive to deliver through dry vans.

Consolidated Delivery

At peace transportation, we offer discounts on booking your goods through dry vans. And also, You can share your freight carrier with other clients as well to reduce the cost of your package. Therefore, Customers from varied sectors of life use Dry vans to transport their goods. Also, any business without temperature-sensitive requirements can adopt these options.

Peace Transportation Is Offering Dry Vans Facility To The Following Sectors:

  • Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Beverages
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare Equipment
  • Publishing & Printing
  • Construction
  • Agriculture

Our dedicated team pledge to provide you with extraordinary services. And also, our drivers are well aware of the type of goods and their handling till that they deliver. Our drivers:

  • Ensure your goods from the freight carrier should be loaded & off-loaded safely.
  • Alerts before delivery or pick-ups
  • Ensure an instant import/export process
  • Make several stops to pick up or deliver your shipments
  • Rapid transit time

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Are you looking for a freight carrier service that can take your business toward prosperity… Moreover, Don’t get afraid of theft or weather damage as our Dry Van trucks are capable of dealing with such issues. Hence, Peace Transportation provides Dry Vans services at exceptionally affordable prices with an option of consolidated delivery.

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