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Earning good to spend a valuable life is the dream of everyone. The present era has opened up careers with handsome earning options. A flexible trucking career to earn is no doubt a way of striking earnings but it also needs hours of struggle, commitment & patience. Therefore, Peace Transportation allows its drivers to earn a regular income with flexibility in working hours keeping in mind their comfort zone. Moreover, For those who want to spend more time with their family & enjoy life in the way they want; this blog is for them.

Peace transportation knows the value of family life & spending weeks on roads without meeting them can be frustrating. We offer multiple lifestyle options to our Drivers which enables them to maintain a balanced work & family life. A healthy balance will definitely make an impact on their performance.

Peace Transportation is offering Full-Time driving positions as well as other options for those looking for 7-15 days of working hours. We allow them to go for either option among Truck Share, Part-Time & Slip Seat. We believe in mutual growth. Thus, So look for our drivers’ health & dental benefits whether you are a part-time or full-time employee…

Truck Share:

It is the best option for drivers to avail; as this allows them to plan the days for driving for each month ahead of time. Thus, Peace Transportation’s Truck Share option permits Drivers to plan according to their home occasions. It will keep the equilibrium by working for 7 days & then 7 days off. One can also have the opportunity to collect additional miles if he/she wishes to work on your week off. In Canada, Truck Share allows Drivers to drive an average of 7,000-8,000 miles per month. The drivers will get rewards & bonuses according to the time they invested.


Sometimes drivers from other companies want to invest more time on the roads to earn extra. A Part-Time option allows them to work at least once a month. The earnings vary depending on monthly mileage, and availability together with days worked each month.

Slip Seat:

This option offers an average of 6,000-8,000 miles per month and the driver needs to spend at least 15 days on the roads. It offers you the choice to select the days you want to work on. it will allow you to earn handsomely with the liberty to manage personal time. Thus, the payout will be similar depending on the days, hours & miles covered.

If you want to earn handsomely in a trucking career with a choice of options; reach out to our recruitment team.


Want to earn a striking income??? Looking for options in the flexible trucking career to earn… We at peace transportation cater to all your needs & work-family life balance by offering you to choose between the options that suit you best…

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