How To Better Manage Time To Get A Better Mileage While On Freight???

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Truck driving has been challenging for every newcomer; they might be unaware of many factors that count a lot while on the freight. The most crucial part of being associated with any company as a truck driver requires working under strict deadlines. The company’s impression on the customers has a lot to do with the better manage time to get a better mileage and timely deliveries.

So, being on the trucking board demands meeting schedules & tight deadlines that need the drivers to be trained for effective time management.  We at Peace Transportation welcome every newcomer & gauge how to struggle to work effectively with Better Manage Time to Get a Better Mileage.

Worrying if you are new to this industry; don’t worry this piece of writing might help you when struggling to work with a managed time more effectively. Keep the employer & customer happy by putting in small efforts to perform better. Here are some useful tips:

Always plan

When you start traveling new routes, better understand the schedule beforehand; it will help you reach on time instead of roaming around. It’s always good to have some extra time for completing your freight. There could be any unpleasant conditions on the road that could be entirely out of your control like weather, traffic, or accidents.

The probability of taking a wrong turn will make your cover some extra miles. Try to plan one or two hours of starting the freight as this will allow extra time making the difference in the long run. It is always good to be earlier & you can return home on time also.

Fuel Tank

This seems like a silly suggestion but most of the time drivers forget to fill the fuel before starting the freight to find some pumps on the way. This is a wrong approach; peace transportation always wants all of the trucks to be filled fully before they start their trip.

The shortage of fuel can get in the way. An extra gas tank is also preferable if unaware of the routes for fuel refills at indicated spots. Traffic jams can also cause the risk of gas shortage which can be frustrating. Plan accordingly to avoid disappointing your client.

Parking Spot With The Apps

The parking slots for trucks can be a challenge for truck drivers, especially during prime parking hours. There could be a lot of time wastage for parking. Truck drivers can use the MyPilot app to reserve parking ahead of time. This will help you on track & the peace of mind for timely delivery.

Traffic Diversion

Traffic can be a thing that is not in your hand while on the freight. It is quite tricky to handle rush hour, always look for the diversions with apps indicating traffic on your route. Google Maps & Waze can help you to save productive time & help reach your destination on time.

Attain The Mileage Goals

Always plan the mileage goals that will surely ensure the productivity of your freight. Sectioning your route will help you to stop & rest at definite points. The evenly managed trip will cause effective time management. Manage the 10-12 hours trip with 4 hours break; you can divide the miles for staying to rest.

Peace transportation gives incentives to those who are good at time management & perform better with their mileage goals. Effective time management in trucking companies is related to customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction will boost ROI. The drivers performing well in timely deliveries have the chance of getting promotions & extra incentives.


Time Management is the key to all things; we listen to this phrase from our early childhood… So does this imply for the truck drivers… Timely deliveries will not only make the customer happy but there are equal chances of incentives for the drivers as well… We at peace transportation appreciate those who put effort for us….

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