Need To Run Your Business At A Faster Pace Use Dedicated Lanes

Peace Transportation

Canada being the world’s 2nd-largest country area-wise has a high capacity for multimodal transport traversing. The Canadian transportation system comprises more than 870,000 mi (170,00,000 kilometers) of the road network. 11,000 miles of the expressways together with the 647,000 miles of other roads are paved. The economy of Canada largely depends upon transport & roads which need to run your business at a faster pace, and the transport sector made up 4.3% of the total country’s GDP.

Therefore, Civil engineering works have opened up new skylines in the transportation world. Carpeted roads, underpasses, and bridges have shortened the distances. Hence, Peace transportation follows smooth routes to carry the goods & deliver within the deadline.

Logistics is successful with the passion of driving; our drivers are fully trained & follow instructions. They team up to share the burden. Get yourself ensured about the timely delivery either within borders or outside Canada.

Services like supply chain, deliveries with intervals & mass transport all covers under our giant transportation system. Moreover, Trucks have strong bodies & resilient engines that can bear all kinds of weather that in turn ensure minimal damage. Peace transportation pledges to provide exceptional facilities which need to run your business at a faster pace.

Our major headquarters are in Quebec & Ontario with strategic locations in Texas, Florida, California & Washington. We keep on going 24/7 to serve the packaging, general freight, food products, industrial commodities, and secretive fleet truckload requirements.

We mainly employ dry trucks & loaders but an enhancement to the core fleet to diversely cater to the requirements includes:

Heating & refrigeration
Fragile handling
Long combination vehicles (LCVs)
Hazardous goods transport
Roll Tite flatbed requirements
Dedicated convoys

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