Supply Chain A Universal Solution In Trucking Transportation

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Healthier food choices have made a Supply Chain A Universal Solution in the food industry. People now look into the quality & fresh food items rather than near rotten ones. In the past several years, Canadians are focusing on organic foods & they want to enjoy freshly mowed vegetables, fruits, dairy, and nuts. Customers are ready to pay extra to get fresh & healthier food as this is not going to adverse the health.

Higher demands of the customers need additional efforts from the supply chain management, especially in the food segment. We at Peace Transportation aim to deliver products that retain their nutritional value & are contamination free. According to recent research, data has shown us how fresh food supplies lose during transit.

Approximately the food supplies in the 4 days of transit fall by 40% in nutritional value. North America is popular for its fruits, veggies & nuts; when shipped to Canada by truck the nutritional value drops to only 20-30%. The supply chain management has succeeded in delivering the food items that sustain their 80% nutrition. Improvement in the food chain has effectively widened the customer buying potential for different brands. Innovation in trucking services has made life easier & healthier.

Trucking Transportation In The Supply Chain Is A Universal Solution

It is observed that there is a huge geographical area between North America & Canada; the point where majority of food consumption is required. Every means of shipping transportation like air, road, water, or rail Bridges the gap. The food supply chain in any trucking transportation service should be precise about it by eliminating delays, minimizing transit time & facilitate the shelf with fresh food items.

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