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Taxation Help For Truck Drivers In Canada

Legal matters are part of every business. And so does it is trucking transportation. Truck drivers are usually reluctant to indulge themselves in legal matters. We at peace transportation encourage them to pay the taxes & claim their rights. Although we are not tax consultants. We give brief tips to prepare your documentation. And file the tax returns in a more professional manner. And filing the tax return will let you go free for government services & liabilities. Let’s explore some tips for Taxation Help For Truck Drivers

Government Law Alterations & Additions To Claim

Every New Year comes up with new alterations. And additions to what an individual can claim after filing a return. Before you hire a tax consultant, you yourself should also be aware of the changes. That will make you feel confident to claim your rights in terms of tax relief.

Taxation Help For Truck Drivers And Understand The Write-Offs

Are you the one who has been collecting the receipts for whatever there is buying? At the time of tax filing, these receipts can do marvels for you. There are multiple things that a truck driver can write off & claim in the tax files. Follow these three simple steps:

  • Never let the company reimburse you.
  • You can particular best write off for yourself
  • Validation through the logbooks makes things more powerful
  • Have a look at what can you better claim if you have the receipts; it will give you a rough idea to write off:
  • Cleaning supplies ( Laundry, paper towels, trash bags,… etc)
  • Clothing ( boots, gloves,… etc)
  • Electronics ( Antenna, circuit tester, power boosters,… etc)
  • Fees (ATM Fees, Fax Fees, Toll Fees, Parking Fees,…. etc)
  • In Cab living (Thermos, Curtain,….etc)
  • Load securement (locks, chains,… etc)
  • Transportation & lodging
  • Supplies
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Tools ( wrench, … etc)

Claim Your Meals And Taxation Help For Truck Drivers

The Canadian government gives leverage to truck drivers, especially in the case of food. And meals they consumed while on the roads. Anyone can claim 3 meals a day which probably makes 80% of the meal consumption throughout the month. The procedure is relatively slow. But it is worth waiting for… The company will help you calculate the meal allowance. Particularly, one needs to fill out the tax form TL2 that enables one to claim the meals.
Peace Transportation genuinely knows your needs & drivers are the assets. Giving them comfort in every aspect is our top priority. Tax return gives you a sense of security.

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Do you feel that being on the roads takes a lot of your money??? Want to reimburse the expenditures??? Do it legally; Peace Transportation helps truck drivers to fill out the tax returns that enable them to claim for the liabilities…

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