Troubles Causing Facts In Transportation Industry In Canada

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Simple & smooth procedures look awesome to everyone but the troubles are to make you realize the importance of the former. Like any other industry, transportation also has a lot of troubles knowing the right facts can help you deal with the big issues for anyone related to the transportation business. Managers, truck drivers & safety officers all face these problems. What could be the issues Troubles Causing Facts In Transportation?

  • Safety
  • Legislation
  • Stress Management
  • Skilled driver’s shortage
  • Technological advancements

Let’s try to know them in depth Troubles Causing Facts In Transportation & how effectively one can deal with it.

Safety And Health

The major concern in any industry is the safety & security regarding the health, finance & fitness of their employees whereas being on roads for freights have relatively higher rates of accidental issues. Almost 83% of truck drivers become overweight because of less mobility & 22% face mental alterations. What are the reasons:

  • Long hours of driving cause fatigue thus leading to accidental episodes. Working more than 50hrs per week is illegal in Canada.
  • Unpleasant circumstances build pressure on to meet deadlines in drivers; breaking safety rules result in fatalities.
  • Job security is any other issue that doesn’t let the drivers speak against the unjustified workload.


Most truck drivers find it difficult to follow the rules & regulations of the authorities; there comes a lot of changes in the legislative concerns to improve & review the funds as well as commitments of the workers. The training sessions should be regularly held to inform & follow the new laws.

Stress Management

Lesser rest areas are a major contributing factor to stress issues in truck drivers. Attain stress & fatigue management requires proper breaks to avoid accidental issues & mental illness. Rural areas have long-distance rest areas that are needed to be built at regular intervals.

Skilled Driver’s Shortage

The average retirement age of a truck driver is 50 years, so this profession has a relative earlier retirement rate that always leaves space for new & skilled drivers. The driver’s shortage exceeded in recent years as the youngsters find it a hardship and thus have no interest in seeking the skill. The excessive burden on the drivers due to shortage again causes stress & fatigue issues leading to increased accidental issues.


Technological advancements have both pros & cons. The advantages are limitless now by making it easy to track, efficient with the navigation & capable of easy handling options. The automation of freight operations has increased the working span with a decrease in cost. Data & cyber theft is the only disadvantage that needs to be handled for safety & financial practice.

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