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The world is growing faster & things have to be managed beforehand. Unlike in the past when the tire burst on the road. The truck safety tool box accessories can save you time to recover your tire. When you have your truck repaired at any service station, you waste a lot of time. People are more conscious to practice safety measures rather than wasting their precious time on roads. The thing becomes a matter of attention when the routes are long & vehicle is heavy like the trucks.

The companies are much responsible for this; not just because of delivery deadlines but also for their manpower safety & company’s assets. The incredible fact about the trucks is that they have a lot of space that can keep a lot of things. So, here is the safety tool box accessories checklist. Which must be kept in order to deal with different conditions like accidents, weather, tire burst, or something unusual during the freight. This blog will cover all the details related to basic or emergency equipment requirements:

Truck Safety Basic Tool Box Accessories

The basic toolbox has all the tools that can work out for you if the truck has a punctured tire, wire plug out, or similar kinds of usual fallouts. These things are routine while on a long route with lots of load on the vehicle. The list includes:


These are simple hand tools that effectively hold objects firmly much like a scissor in shape but the purpose is entirely different.


For pushing back something, the hit of the hammer will be helpful. Look for the hammer the best suits in the truck toolbox.


The nuts & bolts usually loosen up while on the long route because of the jerks & jolts, there come with the job of a screwdriver.


This has a similar kind of job to the screwdriver. Screws are for more delicate handling while wrench can work out for big nuts & bolts.

Mechanic’s Tool Set

These tool sets have, wrenches, drive sockets & other useful tools.

Basic Supplies

Sometimes the absence of small basic supplies during the freight can create a great mess. Here is what is needed to be there all the time.

Cable Ties

These are great to handle as the securing stuff.

Paper Towels

With paper towels, you can handle spills and messes immediately.

Duct Tape

The tape is incredible magic that can fix anything from a broken headlight to a patch of a crack.

Tool Box Accessories For Emergency


The emergency lite is required when the tire is flat. The flashlight can be a handy companion.

First Aid Kit

The first aid box has to be in the truck all the time to better handle the injuries small or serious.

Jumper Cables

The jumper cables are a great tool to handle unnecessary shutdown of the engine.

Winter emergency equipment: Winters are trouble creating for truckers & things become time-consuming because everything gets slowed down. Ice on the roads causes panic & requires caution. Shovels, tire chains & tow straps become important to carry especially during the winter season. Peace Transportation ensures that follows all safety measures. In the terms of safety and security, we go beyond doing what really matters.

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Safety & security of lives matters more than anything!!! Precautions & cautions make things easier… So, does Peace Transportation recommend keeping the accessories that can help out in difficult conditions during the freight…

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