The Trucking Industry Transforming Trends Outlook In 2024

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Here you can read the trucking industry-transforming trends outlook in 2024. It recognizes a lot of changes in terms of operations. And market space over the last year worldwide. And also the Canadian trucking industry recognizes a lot of changes. In the terms of market space & operations over the last year worldwide.

The Canadian industries have also faced goosebumps. Which affected production. And development throughout the area. There had been many facts. That impacted the industry’s functioning. As we are close to kicking start the year 2024. Here is the transforming trends outlook. That would change the structure of the industry.

Industries are experiencing production development. Because of the incredible solicitation of technology. That is everywhere around now. Let’s begin with a blog. With trends that are likely to appear in the approaching year. Trucking Industry Transforming Trends Outlook


Many trucking companies have been shut down. Due to harsh market scenarios prolonging the conditions to the unemployment of the truckers. About 3000+ drivers, and trucking staff members. And others affiliated with several large. And small trucking companies are already unemployed reason being the lack of movement of goods.

Technology Advancement For Trucking Industry Transforming

Technology improvements And advancements have led every business. To change their policy, customer dealing, operations, and management. The internet world has made every single approach. To business according to the requirements. Trucking companies are more into following. The corporate culture follows rules in every aspect. Moreover, software programs are great to navigate. And guide the drivers. As well as customers to track the load.

Mergers For Trucking Industry Trends

Companies are cooperating to have mergers that can make their survival easy. 2024 would be the year to see a lot of companies. Undergo this as a result of the ruthless market conditions. The merge will be for an existing trucking company to pool. A bit stronger company to use the resources together for withstanding in the market. This could be the most favorable point for companies.

Trucking Industry Trends For Urbanization

In Canada, many rural areas have been converted into urban landscapes thus more benefits. And developments in the trucking industry are expected. Wider customer interaction. And the expansion of small businesses will widen the scope helping them generate significantly.


The statistical data was used to study the market instability for trucking companies. Can tell you the market behavior in the year 2024. Incredibly important for the development of the trucking companies:

  • Canada currently stands among the top strongest GDP countries in the trucking industry.
  • Canadian 5.9% of the jobs are related to trucking companies.
  • Walmart is the top hiring company for truckers with an accumulative of 8,600.
  • Trucks carried around 11 billion tons of goods across Canada.
  • Trucking companies handle 70% of the goods transportation.
  • 40% of the jobs are for minorities which is incredible.
  • At least 900,000 people are associated with grocery stores that are dependent upon truck drivers.
  • The trucking industry covers 100,000 miles a year.

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