Why Climate Control Is Important In Food Trucking Transportation Companies

Although trucking itself is a tiring task but handling the food sector could be more challenging. Correct sorting & delivery in the food industry needs refrigerated vehicles that will transport the food from farms to families. When you run a transportation business that needs refrigeration then a lot of storage processes & delivery times have to be overviewed. Why the climate control is important in food trucking transportation to let’s have an explanation for it…

What is Cold Chain???

Cold chain is what we called as “cold cargo” that involves various steps of progression from production to storage & transportation to delivery; all the steps need transparency & preservation processes. Cooling is involved to avoid deterioration of the products & also prevents the degradation in case of vegetables & fresh items. Medicines, vaccines & chemicals need temperature management from careful planning to execution of the transportation process. Cold chain Transportation allows us to deliver food in a healthier state.

To understand deeply the FDA recommendations about food items; we should get to know about the shelf life of the food items in refrigerated & room-temperature environments:

Meat: The meat healthy ingredient stays for 5 days in a refrigerated form; while the cooked one lasts of 3 days.

Poultry: Chicken in the raw form stays fresh for 2-3 days. While the cooked one can stay up to 3-4 days in the refrigerator.

Fish: Refrigerated raw fish last for 2 days while cooked Fish can stays up to 3-4 days. (It includes all the Seafood.)

Dairy: Fresh milk, cheese, yogurt & cheese all last from 1-2 days.

Fruits & vegetables: Different fruits & vegetables have different shelf lifetimes but as an accumulative, they stay fresh for 2-3 days. While the berries& grapes are much more sensitive. ( Fruits & Vegetables with peels can stay for one week)

What kind of storage protection do I need for climate control?

The storage & refrigeration is done to avoid various things to keep the things fresh; micro-organism & bacteria can attack & destroy the food instantly:

Biochemical Changes: The natural reaction with oxygen can oxidize many food forms that are open to exposure. The biochemical changes are a great cause for losing the vitamins from fruits.

Bacterial Attack: External attacks are much more efficient in destroying food other than anything else. As it doesn’t base on natural processes or is speedy. Bacterial growth can destroy things in hours…
Peace Transportation guides us about climate control is important in food trucking transportation and dealing with fresh food supplies & simply follow the best instructions to get the food delivered in healthy condition.

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